BBB Founder Addresses The Game and Fish Department
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  • Through the review of USDA grazing allotments; an exposure of a hidden strip mine expansion in prime bear habitat was uncovered. A Congressional inquiry was done by Heather Wilson’s Office and the mine’s expansion was not only stopped, the entire mine was closed down.

  • Through our efforts and the help of Sen. Domenici’s office, a proposal to clear 500 acres of pinion trees on a mesa in the southern section of the Jemez Ranger District for the addition of six cows on a grazing allotment (which was the primary habitat of a female bear and her two cubs) was halted

  • The numbers of cattle on three major grazing allotments in the state of New Mexico were reduced, or requests for increase were rejected, due to data and evidence showing that cattle were placing pressure on the bear populations by destroying their limited water resources.

  • The proposed number of kills allowed in Zone 1, in northern NM will not be increased as previously proposed, but rather lowered for females and remain static for males.

  • The state officials involved in bear management have pledged to work closely with BBB to legislate for protection for the black bear in NM.

  • We’re not just about bears: volunteers working in conjunction with our field biologist were able to protect and save thousands of Woodhouse Toads and Canyon Tree Frogs when their breeding area was overrun by fourwheeler traffic and many were crushed along with their egg sacks.

  • The BBB lead the way in saving thousands of endangerd Jemez Salamanders from a slow death when they were found in dried or drying stock tanks that had been drank dry by wild mustangs.

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