About Us
A large collaborative effort made up of committed individuals, like-minded conservation groups, and ethical public servants willing to fight and aggressively defend the lives and homeland of black bears throughout the American Southwest in order to protect, maintain and increase a viable black bear population.
The Mission of Black Bear Bureau is to maintain and improve black bear populations and to acquire and secure habitat throughout the American Southwest. To ensure that black bear populations are healthy and self-sustaining, to minimize loss of their forested habitats and to improve the quality of existing habitats. To monitor wildlife regulatory and conservation agencies, ensuring the most ethical and publicly acceptable practices. To work aggressively to bring about positive changes where bears are mismanaged or inappropriately killed. To provide education to dispel myths that have led to the great detriment of the black bear and to create an information sharing network which assists federal and state wildlife agencies in bringing to justice wildlife violators. To create experiential opportunities where disadvantaged children and youth can enjoy natural resources and wildlife while building confidence and broadening perspectives.